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Sprys All Gold D052 (P) herdsires_SprysAG

All Gold is a bull that we have used extensively through AI after acquiring the South African semen rights in 2008 when Laurence saw him as a calf on a visit to Spry’s Shorthorns in Australia. He stood out due to his muscling, balance and mobility.  His mother appealed as a ‘model’ cow in what we are striving for in our herd and she has since become a leading donor for the Spry’s ET programme.  He is homozygous polled and adds a tremendous amount of growth and thickness. He is a trait leader for 200-Day as well as Milk EBV’s in the February 2017 Shorthorn Group BREEDPLAN and his calves really stand out for their natural thickness, do ability and character. He was sold at Spry’s 2011 Wagga sale for AUD$25,000 to Malton Shorthorns.  He has been used extensively in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and South Africa

A number of daughters are in production and they are performing well so far. We are especially happy with their udder/teat formation, thin, good length teats on a well suspended udder, as well as their fertility.

We have entered four grandsons into Phase C testing, as of end December 2016, and they have achieved two Gold and two Silver Merits!

Duncraggan Smashing Stuff 103

We have numerous calves on the ground by Duncraggan Smashing Stuff 103, arguably the best Shorthorn bull we have ever bred.

Sired by Sprys All Gold D052 and out of Redstone Sunbeam 0553, a Nonen Hutton daughter, he has been a standout since birth. Moderate framed and with exceptional thickness throughout, he is transmitting this to his progeny with a Gold and two Silver Merit sons on Phase C, out of three sons tested.

We have collected him for further use in our programme.

Duncraggan Tarantino 159

We have collected him for further use in our programme, he has mainly been used in the Primeston herd, and we are expecting a first calf from female progeny in August 2017.

Sired by Shadybrook Scotty 83K and out of the same dam as D. Smashing Stuff 103, he was the thickest Scotty son we have produced, well defined muscling and on a moderate frame.

We have retained a linebred son out of his maternal half-sister due to Scotty’s tremendous, trait leading 200-Day, Milk, EMA and RBY EBV’s in the Shorthorn Beef BREEDPLAN in Australia.

Crawfdown Fighter Pilot 1W herdsires_Crawfdown

Sired by the extremely popular, Little Cedar Aviator 503X.  He was named the 2009 RAWF Grand Champion and Supreme Champion Shorthorn Bull. He is thick made, with tonnes of muscle and eye appeal. He brings some new outcross genetics to the herd in a solid red package and will be used to add muscle and style.

We have used a limited amount of semen and have one breeding age female in the herd, D. Seraphina 295.

Shadybrook Powerplay 802U herdsires_ShadyPowerplay

Powerplay was admired as a yearling for his muscling, thickness and length of spine. He was Champion Shorthorn and Reserve Champion All Breeds at Brome Fair in 2010

He is from the heart of the Shadybrook and WHR Shorthorns embryo programme and brings a new outcross pedigree and strong EPDs while providing a balance of muscle and maternal strength in a polled package.

Powerplay’s dam is a picture perfect female with a sound udder, body depth and strong maternal balance.

We have used a limited amount of semen and have one daughter in production, D. Lancaster 268, she calved a bull calf, February 2017, to D. Uncle Ted 210. 

JSF Gauge 137W herdsires_JSF

We imported our first tranche of semen in 2012 and he was used heavily in the 2012 Spring and 2013 Autumn breeding seasons:

He was selected due to his excellent BW and CE EPD’s, in a moderate frame. The solid red colour was an added bonus!

Of interest is that, on his dam’s side, he goes back to Pa Do Ole Gringo 944, a bull used extensively, and to good effect, by the Rigby’s and Nonen herds in the 90’s.


His figures have improved since we first used him and in the ASA August/Spring 2016 Trait Leaders list he now ranks in the Top 10 on seven traits, five of those in the Top 5 in the breed!

We feel that the combination of calving ease (Direct and Maternal), Ribeye area, Marbling and Fat thickness EPD’s is hard to beat!

See the full list in the link below:


We have subsequently imported a second tranche of semen due to his exceptional performance and will use it over the next few years.

Duncraggan Uncle Ted 210

Red, polled. Falkirk Certified. A bull with good length and long hindquarter muscling. Used as our heifer bull in Spring 2015 and as a pick-up over all our Autumn 2016 calving cows and the heifers.

By JSF Gauge 137W and out of one of our Tukulu Duchess family cows, D. Duchess 063. A consistent producer of outstanding progeny, all her calves to date have been retained in the herd!

Her 2015 bull calf, D. Warwick 319, by D. Smashing Stuff 103, has just completed a Phase C test with a Silver Merit.

Duncraggan Utterly Amazing 223

Red, polled. Falkirk Certified. He is a solid, cherry-red bull with a well-rounded hindquarter. Slick coated. One of the most virile bulls we have produced in the last few years, his poll was bald during the breeding season! He was used on all the white cows, and the roan cows with white calves, during our Spring 2015 joining.

Also by JSF Gauge 137W, he is out of a Carnarvon Augusta family cow by Wauldby 0407. She has produced a number of good progeny, her 2015 bull calf, D. Willy Wonker 337, by D. Smashing Stuff 103, also receiving a Silver Merit award in the recently completed Phase C test.

Homedale Accomplishedherdsires_Homedale Accomplished

After seeing progeny of this bull in South Africa we decided that he was an essential addition to our sire line-up.

Homedale Accomplished has ASA Spring 2017 EPD’s in the top 20% for CEM, top 25% for REA and top 15% for Marbling. He also rates in the top 20% for both $BMI and $F indices.

We have a number of superb female progeny, and a Gold Merit 2016 Phase C son out of a Sprys All Gold D052 daughter.

Saskvalley Yesterday 116Y (2)

Saskvalley Yesterday 116Y

From the renowned Saskvalley herd in Saskatchewan, Canada, this homozygous polled, roan sire appealed due to his low birthweight and high calving ease.  With an actual BW of 80lbs, ASA Spring 2017 EPD’s of 0.8 BW and 14 CE and a 5.8 frame score with a top 10% Marbling, we could not ask for more. He has $CE in the top 10%, $BMI in the top 1% and $F in the top 2%!

Coupled with a phenotype which conforms to what we are looking for in terms of depth and hindquarter muscling, we believe we have found the ideal heifer bull.

We have been very unlucky with progeny as we have lost a number to tick-borne diseases. We have a fair number of Autumn 2017 calves on the ground.

We brought in a second tranche of semen in 2016 for our AI programme.