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Summer suckler calves

Duncraggan Uxbridge 218, sired by Duncraggan Rubicon 089

Duncraggan Uxbridge 218, sired by Duncraggan Rubicon 089

The Spring 2013 calves are dominated by Duncraggan Rubicon 089 and JSF Gauge 137W progeny. After too many white calves in the previous years, this year we have a number of outstanding solid red calves in the line-up. In fact, we only have three whites amongst them. Colour aside, it is a real even bunch, right up there to challenge the drop of 2011. We have completed the 100-day performance testing, and there is a good spread of calves that have performed very well. They continue to perform well on their mothers and still have a good three months to go until weaning in March. All-in-all we should have an outstanding line-up for our 2015 sale!


Summer Joinings

It’s breeding time again, and we have recently completed our timed AI programme for summer. We put down Shadybrook Powerplay 802U thickly on all the mature cows, Spry’s All Gold D052 was used across all the heifers, including a handful of daughters. We are excited to see what this combination will give us. As clean-up bulls, we are using a Spry’s All Gold D052 son, Duncraggan Smashing Stuff 103 heavily, and picking up the balance of the cows with Duncraggan Scotsman 125, a Duncraggan Oshkosh 0813 son.

2015 sale information

The full line-up: 2015 Duncraggan sale bulls


With the sales fast approaching, all the photos and details of the sale bulls are updated on our website, bringing you the latest photos of the bulls, the reference sires and now for the first time some pretty decent EBV’s to help you decide just which bull will work best for your herd. In addition to the three mature bulls on offer at the Cathcart Bull Breeders Production Sale on Tuesday 22 September 2015, we have also decided to enter a promising 2 year old JSF Gauge son on the Farmer’s Choice Multibreed Production Sale at 11h00 on Wednesday 16 September 2015 at the Riverview Trading sale pens in Alexandria.

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