Herdsires – ARCHIVED

Redstone LBR0302herdsires_Redstone

‘Spook’, as we referred to him, was the backbone of our breeding programme for many years, having followed us to four properties in the early days!  He was acquired in dam at the Rigby’s dispersal sale in 2003 when we still operated as Redstone Shorthorns.  We acquired him on our 2007 dispersal sale and he eventually landed up as senior herdsire at Forest Glade in Alexandria for a number of years.  He impressed from birth with his masculinity, thickness, length and depth of body.

His daughters form the backbone of our young cow herd and we have retained a number of sons over the years as herdsires.

We will have a number of grandsons in our 2014/5/6 Bull Sales and we still have a mature son, Duncraggan Sultan 096, on loan to a herd in the Cathcart district until we need him back for a further infusion of genetics.

Duncraggan President 049 herdsires_DPresident

A masculine, spring 2009 son of an appendix Weebollabolla purebred bull, that came in dam, from the Carnarvon Dispersal sale in 2009.  He impressed with his low, 35kg, birthweight and excellent Wean, Yearling and 18-Month weight indices.  Excellent, long, soft hindquarter muscling completed the package!

His progeny have impressed with good growth after easy calving and low birthweights, and we will have a number of sons available on our 2014 and 2015 Bull Sales.

His female progeny are especially impressive, showing excellent femininity.

He sold to Chris Sheard of Cathcart for R14500 at our 2012 Bull Sale.


Duncraggan Ronin 073 herdsires_DRonin

An Autumn 2010 son of Tukulu Lochinvar 747, out of a Nonen Hutton daughter.  He showed extremely good balance as a youngster.  Paternal grandson of Tukulu Ladysmaid 65, a cow that always weans one of our heaviest calves.

We used this bull in Spring 2011 and Autumn 2012 and then offered him on our 2012 Bull Sale where he sold for the top price of R24500 to Brosterlea Shorthorns, Molteno.

We will have a number of sons available in our 2014 and 2015 Bull Sales.

Shadybrook Scotty 83K herdsires_ShadybrookScotty

Rated in the top 1% for calving ease, 2% for milk, and top 10% for low birthweight in the American Shorthorn Association Fall 2013 EPD data.  Shadybrook Scotty 83K also rates in the top 1% for $CEZ, top 2% for $BMI and top 15% for $F indices.  He has been used in the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa.  His May 2014 Australian BreedPlan figures indicate that he is a trait leader for 400-Day Weight, Milk, Carcase Weight as well as Retail Beef Yield EBV’s.  He is number six for EMA in the breed and a son is number one in the breed.  He is sired by Deer Trail Buckshot 5073, out of a tremendous female, Miss Scarlet 10W, who was in the donor programme at Shadybrook Farms, Canada.  Scotty has impressed all since birth with his stout make up, smooth, fault-free design and exceptional performance, on a moderate frame.

Our top performing bull in our mature cow herd progeny on our 2014 Bull Sale is a son, D. Thatcher 163.  We have retained another son, D. Tarantino 159, as our junior herdsire.  He also has a grandson for sale in our 2014 Bull Sale, D. Tetric 182, by D. Obvious 0806.

2016 Duncraggan Sale Bulls – ARCHIVED

With the 2016 Cathcart Bull Breeders Sale approaching on 23 September 2016, we present a summary of the bulls on offer from Duncraggan Beef Shorthorns.

As usual, all the bulls have been Phase A and B performance recorded with S. A. Studbook and they also have current Logix Breeding Values from August 2016.

The Spring 2013 bulls have been Falkirk Certified in their contemporary group, the Autumn 2014 bull was the sole bull retained after weaning and therefore has no other contemporaries!

Reference Sire: JSF Gauge 137W


We imported our first tranche of semen in 2012 and he was used heavily in the 2012 Spring and 2013 Autumn breeding seasons:

He was selected due to his excellent BW and CE EPD’s, in a moderate frame. The solid red colour was an added bonus!

His figures have improved since we first used him and in the ASA August/Spring 2016 Trait Leaders list he now ranks in the Top 10 on seven traits, five of those in the Top 5 in the breed!

We feel that the combination of calving ease (Direct and Maternal), Ribeye area, Marbling and Fat thickness EPD’s is hard to beat!

See the full list in the link below:



Duncraggan Uncle Ted 210

Red, polled. Falkirk Certified. A bull with good length and long hindquarter muscling. Used as our heifer bull in Spring 2015 and as a pick-up over all our Autumn 2016 calving cows and the heifers.

Out of one of our Tukulu Duchess family cows, D. Duchess 063. A consistent producer of outstanding progeny, all her calves to date have been retained in the herd!

Her 2015 bull calf, D. Warwick 319, by D. Smashing Stuff 103, has just completed a Phase C test with a Silver Merit.

He is just on 3 years of age now.






Duncraggan Utterly Amazing 223

Red, polled. Falkirk Certified. He is a solid, cherry-red bull with a well-rounded hindquarter. Slick coated. One of the most virile bulls we have produced in the last few years, his poll was bald during the breeding season! He was used on all the white cows, and the roan cows with white calves, during our Spring 2015 joining.

He is out of a Carnarvon Augusta family cow by Wauldby 0407. She has produced a number of good progeny, her 2015 bull calf, D. Willy Wonker 337, by D. Smashing Stuff 103, also receiving a Silver Merit award in the recently completed Phase C test.

He is just on 3 years of age now.






Duncraggan Voodoo 248

Red, polled. He is another solid red, and a standout son of D. Seraphina 082, the top producing Spry’s All Gold D052 daughter from the Tukulu Seraphina cow family. Slightly more frame than the two bulls above.

His maternal brother by D. Ronin 073, top selling bull at our 2012 Annual Bull Sale to Barry Stretton, Brosterlea, was purchased by Duncan Currie, Lindisfarne, on the 2015 Cathcart Sale

He was not Falkirk Indexed as he was the only bull in his contemporary group.

He is just on 2 ½ years of age now.

The full line-up: 2015 Duncraggan sale bulls – ARCHIVED

Here are the latest photographs for all four of the sale bulls for 2015. Each reference sire is also included on the herd sires page of the website, and for the first time we are able to provide the pedigrees with some really useful EBVs to assist in the decision-making …and aren’t these figures great by the way? Allistair is happy to discuss each bull with you in detail should you wish. Please just drop him a call over one of the evenings, or hook up with him at either of the sales.

The first three bulls, D. Tarantino 159, D. Threadneedle 187, and D. Ultimate 200 will be offered at the Cathcart Bull Breeders Production Sale on Tuesday 22 September 2015, while D. Undone 209, a promising 2 year old JSF Gauge son, will be on offer at the Farmer’s Choice Multibreed Production Sale at 11h00 on Wednesday 16 September 2015 at the Riverview Trading sale pens in Alexandria.

Duncraggan Tarantino 159

He has stood out and raised interest since he was still on his mother, and being our best (and last) Shadybrook Scotty 083K son (known for calving ease, low birthweight, EMA, milk and post-weaning growth), we have used him over two breeding seasons. He has some outstanding autumn calves on the ground with us that are weaning shortly, as well as some more calves being dropped now in August and September. We have collected him, and with plenty of straws in the tank he will form part of our ongoing AI programme for years to come. He is just on 3 years of age now.1

2 (1024x731)



Duncraggan Threadneedle 187

He is a solid red (and he breeds red with 10 red and 7 dark roan calves out of the 17 we have on the ground from him). He is out of Carnarvon Wildeyes 02 17, a maternal granddaughter of the legendary Morphie Vector, Gold Cup winner at the Rand Easter Show. She was one of a parcel of five, proven, 2002 drop Carnarvon Creed daughters we acquired at the Carnarvon Dispersal Sale in 2009.

He has turned out to be one of our best Duncraggan President 049 sons and was held back from our 2014 Annual Internet Bull Sale to use ourselves. Like his sire, he exhibits good length and growth, a tight sheath and long, soft muscling.

He has impressed with his outstanding masculinity and virility. As a two-year-old, he was used over a group of 18 open females, in a bunch of 43 females, for 65 days over summer in the hardest veldt on Forest Glade, with only a phosphate lick, and settled them all. He is just on 3 years of age now.

2 (1024x731)

2015-08-23 11.17.04



Duncraggan Ultimate 200

He is another solid red, and a standout son of Duncraggan Ronin 073, the top selling bull at our 2012 Annual Bull Sale. He is now doing duty at the Brosterlea herd in Molteno.

He has the most superb performance indexes: 205-day 128, 365-day 119 and 540-day 118.

His dam, D. Seraphina 082, a top producing young cow in the herd, is a daughter of Spry’s All Gold D052, our dependable import from the herd of Gerald Spry in Australia. Her 2014 bull calf by JSF Gauge 137W (WW Index 114) and 2015 heifer calf by D. Tarantino 159 (PW Index 105) are also showing great potential and she has an ICP of 377 days over three calves, giving her a Reproduction Index of 113 within the herd. Ultimate is just on 2 ½ years of age now.1 (1024x730)



 Duncraggan Undone 209

NOTE: Undone sells at the Farmer’s Choice Multibreed Production Sale in Alexandria on the 16th September.

Meet the final in the line-up, also solid red, he is the 2 year-old son of JSF Gauge 137W, out of Redlands Elizabeth 4 29, a Rigby’s Magestic 9943 daughter. His dam was acquired as a mature cow from the Redlands herd and had an ICP of 362 days over 5 calves with us.

He is an early maturing bull with excellent early growth, moderating as he matures. He had a predictable low BW of 35kg and a WW Index of 110. He is easy doing and is always in good condition. His sire is number one in the breed in the American Shorthorn Association Fall 2015 Trait Leaders table for Marbling. He also rates as number 15 for Calving Ease Direct, number 15 for $CEZ Index and number 23 on the $BMI Index.

In our opinion this bull is suitable for heifers due to his 113 Birth Direct Index and his 104 Birth Maternal Index and should produce tremendous replacement females for your herd.

2015-08-15 11.43.04 (1024x731)

1 (1024x731)




The Main Meneer: Duncraggan Smashing Stuff 103 – ARCHIVED

As we see stock like this on the ground, we are comfortable we are moving in the right direction with our herds. We picked Smashing Stuff out as a youngster, and briefly wrote about him in the autumn 2012 edition of our newsletter. We have kept him largely under wraps since then, with a few guests at our open day last September taking a walk to view him. Now he has featured brashly on our “A lot of bull” advertising campaign.


The top of his pedigree is Spry’s breeding at its best. He is a Spry’s All Gold D052 son who has all the legends of this preeminent Australian breeder consistently throughout the generations. Neearra Judith 104, who has become one of the leading donor females in the Spry’s programme, is as near to perfect a female as one could find, comes through strongly as a female line, with the ‘legendary’ JR Legend 78H also in for good measure.


Smashing Stuff’s dam, Redstone Sunbeam 0553, from our original Redstone herd, has a strong Nonen and Rozetta-via-Rigby’s influence with the well-known South African genetics packed in thick. Quite interesting to note is that John Rigby imported semen from Spry’s Zambesi II (GLSG22), and this bull appears both in the top and bottom sides of Smashing Stuff’s pedigree.


Smashing Stuff grew well from birth, with the trait-leading 200 day weights of his sire expressing themselves clearly. He has always been thicker than his contemporaries with superior weights, and as he matures, his frame has moderated, and he has become even wider, in line with the breeding values of his sire. We don’t want a bull or a herd that gets too big in mature frame size.

We used him autumn 2013 for the first time as an 18-month old to pick up all we missed with the timed AI. The AI calves are falling as we speak, but we do not have any pick-ups from him yet. These should come through in the next 2 to 3 weeks or so. Again over November and December we used him, and the photos in this article were taken just before we took him out on 04 January.SS4

He is just 30 months old now, and we expect him to make a huge contribution to our breeding programme, as our main sire, over the years to come.