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2018 Sale Bulls – All the details

Duncraggan Xcellent 353 (GOLD MERIT)

Duncraggan Xcellent 353 was awarded a Phase C Gold Merit award for 2016. He has subsequently been nominated as a finalist for the 2018 ARC National Special Performance Test Class, and we are eagerly awaiting the results thereof at the end of September 2018.

He is another solid red, standout son of Duncraggan Smashing Stuff 103, out of Duncraggan Swallowtail 062. He is just on 2.5 years of age now.

We used this bull in Spring 2017 over our main cow herd, and his first progeny are expected over the coming days, as the AI calves from Spring 2018 are already dropping.

He has excellent depth, and width over the hook bones, with that depth over the girth that we all strive for!


His dam’s dam is a linebred Tukulu Swallowtail cow with a shot of Belmore Ultra-Bright L22 on the top side; an influential bull in both South Africa and Australia. For details of his pedigree and his August 2018 Logix Breeding Values, following this link: D.Xcellent 3 gen

With his Phase C results of:

ADG Index:                    120,

FCR Index:                     109,

Kleiber Ratio Index:     117, and

Marbling Index:            114

he makes for outstanding growth and good marbling – not unlike his sire, Duncraggan Smashing Stuff 103! What more can you ask for to push your herd ahead?

Primeston Warranty


Primeston Warranty has the predictable genetics you are looking for! We have seriously stacked genetics to breed us this superb bull. His granddam, Redstone Sunbeam 0553, bred us D. Smashing Stuff 103 and D. Tarantino 159, below, and then we put Tarantino back onto his maternal half-sister to give us Warranty. That’s consistency from the top and bottom of the pedigree! His Dam, D. Sunbeam 053 has done us really well too, and she consistently breeds well. She has an inter-calving period of 374 days over 6 calves. 

He is a grandson of Shadybrook Scotty, an EMA trait leader, inheriting Scotty’s width across his back. For this reason, and to breed consistency across the herd with the Crooked Post Stockman 4Z progeny in the pipeline, we are retaining a semen interest in him, and we have used him in-herd already.

Out of his winter coat, he becomes super-slick and smooth, with the most desirable cherry-red colouring one could wish for. He should banish any washed-out yellow/ orange colouring from your herd within a generation.

For details of his pedigree and performance data, below is a link to his pedigree.

P. Warranty 3 gen

If you would like to discuss his specifics further, please feel free to contact us.